Zula – Loss Less

Yesterday I wrote about a short ambient track, and I made a lot of its brevity. Today’s track is an even shorter one. I happen to know it’s an intro track to an album, and with that in mind it’s probably not the smartest thing to do to discuss it in isolation, but I’m going to do it anyway. I like ambient music, and instrumental music in general, but I find that most of it is quite easy to categorise as either dark or pretty. They’re either full of creepy noises and atonal drones, or they’re awash with beautiful chimes and warm twinlkes. It’s quite satisfying, therefore, when you come across one that has a bit or both, or even neither of either! This is a track that’s not especially dark and unsettling, nor is it particularly pretty, but it’s a great combination of noises that work well together. The primary sound is a drone of sorts but it’s a fairly musical one, although there is no shortage of non-musical noises that come and go around it. The throbbing noises that feature in the second half are especially attention-grabbing.